Why donít everyone become a professional musician 


People say that ear for music comes to you when you born. Or not. Some wise guy told, that you can practice that like other skills. I donít think so.
When I was kid, I wanted to learn play something and I took violin. Thinking afterwards focusing to other hobbies like sports would be better idea. But if child wants to play violin, he must play violin. 
I didnít have good genes for music. When I was kid, I saw my daddyís school diploma Ė he was very good in almost all. Excellent grades in almost all Ė but not in music. It was much worse than others.
But I started playing violin and start was good. But then my teacher started asking big things: I should have ear for music and hear when sound is right and when itís not. Too hard for me. If I moved my finger one millimeter, I heard no difference.
Last thing was playing in schoolís spring party. I should play with other guy who was playing piano. And that was total disaster in front of hundreds of people. So I quit playing violin and started playing basket ball.
And that was very clever thing to do. In basketball I was good even I am very short. So somethings people can learn and somethings you must have when you born. I'm not very good in english but I don't need any academic proofreading to write what I'm thinking, It's all up to me what I want to tell and what I don't want to tell. Making some big science and research is total different thing and not my piece of cake.
And other hobby what I like to do much more than music, is knife-making. Like sports, it is much more my peace of cake than playing violin. Handmade knives are something very beautiful and little bit dangerous same time. One of my friends has teached me and he knows how to do those things, he has won many rewards.


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