Trying Different Sexual Positions for Maximum Pleasure

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, but did you know that doing it over and over again using the same positions could make the entire sex thing boring. If you don’t have a lot of experience you could consider booking an escort from for a night could be the best decision you make and you should try different sex positions to get maximum pleasure in just one night.

Trying different sex positions make sexual intercourse spicy and both of you get maximum pleasure. After romance, the best sex position to try is a man on top which has been a bread and butter position to many. Here, you come face to face with an escort and you get an opportunity to look directly into her eyes and tell how she feels. At the same time, you can lick her neck, ears, nipples, and hold her legs for maximum penetration.

As stated earlier, doing the same thing over and over again leads to boredom and shifting from the man on top to a woman on top sounds like a great idea. In this position, you lie on the bed and give the escort an opportunity to show you their true colors and experience letting her take control as you enjoy the ride. The escort gets the stimulation and arousal she needs to reach orgasm and this means that she enjoys being with you and will be glad to do it the entire night.

You can also try the bend-over position, where the escort is on her knees and hands and you penetrate her from behind. This position gives you an opportunity to touch her boobs and tickle her ass to boot and once the escort enjoys, she will be motivated to continue with the penetration and you’ll definitely get maximum pleasure in one night. From there, you can change to the side-by-side position, assisted missionary, reverse cowgirl, sitting position, standing position among others.

However, remember that escorts are just like any other girl; she has feelings and she gets hurt. So making her feel special motivates her and encourages her to give you the best services. This means when you change from one position to another, you make her feel special and relaxed and the more you are happy when having sex, the more you get maximum pleasure in one night.

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